Blues '99

The first demo were were recorded on 4-channel porto during a rehearsal of Chernii Khleb band in DAS (Dom Aspiranta) at Moscow University in winter 1999. The band was: Dr. Agranovsky (voc, guitar), Valery Seregin (bass), Kirill Yakovlev (drums), Il'ya Lushnikov (keyboards), Dmitri Louzgin and Sergey Kuznetsov (guitars). As sessionmen, Eya Motskobilli (voc) and Yuri Kaverkin (guitar) appear on "When The Levee Breaks". Dubbing and mastering, Andrey Pasternak studio. The CD of a few singles was named «BLUES '99». It has not been nominated to Grammi, whatever they say.

1. Crossroads (Johnson)
2. Stormy Monday Blues (Walker)
3. Leavin' Blues (Ledbetter)
4. When The Levee Breaks (Douglas)