In 2003, the "K. M, Studio" set to record Moscow blues musicians "in acoustic". It was planned to bring together the singing guitarists and harpers who had not yet played or rehearsed together, and to issue a CD box-set of audio and video of "kvartirnik" (a home session), as well as the studio records. Dr. Agranovsky and Vova Kozhekin were recorded in a single studio session in March, 2003. Here you will find some tracks from the "K. M, Studio" archives. Dubbing and mastering, Alexei Denisov.

1. Good Woman Is Hard To Find (Smith)
2. You Need Love (Dixon)
3. How Long Blues (Carr)
4. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Williamson I)
5. Born With The Blues (McGee)
6. Babe Let's Play House (Gunter)
7. Early In The Morning (Williamson I)