This was recorded in a Moscow club named Alabama in Spring 2002. To leave their track in eternity, that night the Black Bread band played as usual (by chance, the keybord player could not come to the gig): Alexei Agranovskii (vocals and guitar), Eugenii Nemov (guitar), Valerii Seregin (bass), and Igor Kartashev (drums). Tracks 8, 9, and 13 also feature Ivan Zhuk (guitar) and Vladimir Kozhekin (harmonica). The event went far past midnight. The Alabama club lasted a bit longer, going bankrupt in 2003. The figurines of black musicians were made by my father Anatolii Agranovsky in 1960 (eggshell, plastic rings, fur, papier-mache, lacquer). Composition on the photo by Anton Agranovsky. Photos by Vladimir Korotun. Design by Eugenii Kulemin. Recording, mixing, mastering by Alexei Denisov (2002-06). Friendly support and whistling in Track 11 by Andrei Pugachev. What the hell, take a direct train to Murmansk and you wind up in Alabama...

The CD was issued on November 7th, 2006.

Here you will fing just one, but large, track dedicated to the story of little red rooster who's not very much keen to crow. The videos of that gig are also available (MOVIES).

Press: «7 Dnei»-- «Russkii Newsweek».

Little Red Rooster (Dixon)--------------